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About Flite Electronics
Flite Electronics

Flite's History and Philosophy

Flite Electronics International Limited is a world-wide supplier of electronics, microprocessor and general technology training products.

Founded in 1980 to engage in the design, development and marketing of electronic training systems, FLITE has a long and successful history of supplying both hardware and courseware for instructors and students internationally. We constantly keep abreast of technological advances and continually improve and upgrade our products to provide technology-based education with the best training products available. The company’s products have been adopted in a wide range of training levels, from secondary through tertiary education in vocational, community colleges and universities.

Flite Electronics International Limited has joined together with teachers in seeking to achieve an enhanced learning environment in today’s classrooms. Guided by the feedback received from lecturers all around the world, Flite has pioneered product innovations that lend themselves well to the modular structure that today’s curriculum planners require. For example, our modular courseware is hardware-specific in design, linking technological theory with a working device. The transfer of knowledge is facilitated by and related to, a practical experience. Our belief is that the generic approach, comprising mostly theory, never really allows the student to demonstrate or apply an actual skill or proficiency.

In the courseware itself, graphics and icons are liberally and appropriately used, not only to clearly indicate where the applied academic skill is taking place, but also to provide relief from the hypnotic effect often experienced by readers of material containing large amounts of technical jargon.


Flite's Curriculum and Technical Support

Flite Electronics International’s team of curriculum developers, authors, illustrators and technical specialists are ready to assist the administrators and instructors of your college or University in the implementation and the operation of each module. Our team members are only as far away as your email. Because our modules are written, developed and tested in our own production facilities, lecturers can usually aim their questions at, or discuss their problems with, the actual courseware author. The same holds true for technical problems that might occur with hardware or software equipment. Flite’s technical service department has developed a fine reputation over the years for solving problems quickly, resulting in the least amount of inconvenience for you.

Flite always warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship under the conditions of normal use and service for a period of three (3) years from date of purchase from an authorized distributor. This warranty would not apply to any product or parts which have been subject to misuse, neglect, accidental or abnormal conditions of operation. Flite is also a member of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) with its strict rules of membership, as well as ETEMA (Educational & Technical Engineering manufacturers Association)


The Flite Advantage

As an industry leader for over 33 years, Flite Electronics International Limited offers our customers a number of advantages including:

  1. Members of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) with its strict rules of membership
  2. Members of ETEMA (Educational & Technical Engineering Manufacturers Association)
  3. Superior products – industry renowned authors, constant upgrading of curriculum
  4. Scalable and affordable – flexibility to add components and equipment, upgrade programs, competitive pricing, budget sensitivity
  5. 3 year warranty on equipment defects and workmanship
  6. Superior Customer Service and Support
  7. Professional staff to help design the optimal program for your needs
  8. Flexible instruction: Instructor-led, Instructor-facilitated or Individual Self-Paced
  9. Fully illustrated Theory Text and Lab Guides
  10. Hands-on activities turn theory into reality and reinforce the learning process for students
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